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    ...expert Self Health guidance for retired and masters athletes on their own path.

    Is there a better way to regain vibrant health and enduring wellness than through the purest vitality of one's own body?




    Self Health is our body renewing itself – continuously removing our chronic aches and pains, restoring joint health, healing undiagnosable ailments and gaining us the transformative wellness that leads to enduring equanimity.


    You can't buy Self Health in a shop.


    Unfortunately many of us surrender our own hard-earned discipline and depend upon others advice and products to cure our ills. Odds of such success are always poor. Even the best medical professionals treat symptoms and only offer hope our bodies will succeed – the worst professionals do us damage, causing irreparable harm even without intending to do so.


    All veteran athletes know how to activate discipline and training mindsets.


    It's time to use our mental talents to rejuvenate and heal our bodies and wellbeing. Since Hippocrates' time the wisest among us have known we possess enough innate knowledge, intelligence and natural design to renew all aspects of our own health and wellness.


    Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.

    – Hippocrates


    Purest Vitality reactivates this ancient wisdom through self health training principles and tailored protocols. Disciplined athletes can once again engage their own abilities to regain enduring wellness immediately, regardless where they are today – in sickness and in health.


    Self health means no expensive (or continuous) reliance on the usual suspects: no gurus, no pills, no powders, no supplements, no nutraceuticals, no prophylactics, no surgeries, no quack product hacks and absolutely no bull$h!t.


    The learning is in the doing.


    You won't even need us after we get you started on your own self health path, unless you want to roll that way...

  • Begin with three purest vitality principles to illuminate your self health path and ignite enduring equanimity...





    Train Completely

    Ignite Enduring Equanimity

  • Want Tailored Protocols?

    Then let's get going – we're not getting any younger!

  • Self Start

    A Purest Vitality map for immediate and continuing cultivation of will on your own self health path...

    Cultivation of Will
    Explore your current capacity and readiness for self-health transformation with our diagnostic map and activating principles. This can be all you need to orient and accelerate your own health and wellbeing improvements. You can go forward at whatever pace and level of lifestyle change you desire. And it's only $0.99 to get a lifetime of priceless value!
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