• The Art of Eating Simply

    Assumptions & Givens about Food Choices Proven through Practice

    Fundamentals of Eating Simply

    The Fundamentals include the following topics:


    A. Optimal to Sub-optimal Food Production Choices

    B. Sourcing

    C. Preparing

    D. Storing

    E. Sharing/Community

    A. Optimal to Sub-optimal Food Production Choices
    Eating Simply requires making choices about the quality of food production we choose for our table and tummy. Food production choices range from most optimal (#1 below) to least desirable (#5) and are roughly categorized as follows:
    1. Naturally Edible Whole Raw, Wild/Raised Heritage Foods. These are foods in righteously fertile environments (e.g. wild salmon, free range grass-fed/finished beef, berries in season, etc.) that give full experiential meaning to terroir; and, any of these foods traditionally cultured/fermented by man into still live enzyme and vitally active, natural foodstuffs (e.g. sauerkraut, yogurt, cheeses, etc.);
    2. Non-heritage, Edible Whole Raw Foods cultivated in equally and/or less optimal environments as above;
    3. Any foods from the above two categories of edible Whole foods that are then cooked at temperatures high enough to break chemical bonds and destroy natural enzymes;
    4. All additional categories of Whole, cooked foods – defined by being inedible in their raw state, e.g. legumes, etc.
    5. All non-Whole, commercially processed foodstuffs derived from any above category whereby the food has been molested by shelf-stable sterilization/pasteurization (typically whereby all natural nutrition has been industrially degraded) in order to achieve a standardized commodity pretending to be natural so as to enable scalability of profits in large scale commercial enterprises.

    We focus only on the most optimal choice (#1 above) of Edible Whole Raw foods for sourcing advice...

    B. Sourcing


    Sourcing is where we get our Naturally Edible Whole Raw foods. Our best choices are:

    • Self
    • Friends
    • Farmer's Markets
    • Trusted Local Grocers, Butchers, Mongers
    • Local Organic Food Co-ops

    Ideally it's self and/or friends...


    The most enjoyable Naturally Edible Whole Raw Foods are those we're growing (some or perhaps all) by stewarding rich soils, practicing animal husbandry, ranching, or even just having two chickens in our urban backyard for eggs.


    Knowing a neighbor you trust who does these weird, back to the land things can also suffice (i.e. support their efforts is cheaper than investing in your own!) is very easy way to source wholesome foods – you can always chip in and help do some of the work, instead of being locked into always doing it!


    In urban environments it is possible to grow some wholesome foods, even indoors in small apartments (e.g. containers in a window, on a balcony, etc.). And some wholesomeness in food is always better than none.


    Reality check...


    For most of us and our friends, growing our own food is just not likely to happen, ever. We must find others outside our social circles who can and will grow and produce food for us and do it well – those whom we trust regarding quality, safety and consistency. Farmer's markets offer the next best option in these situations.


    Farmer's markets...


    Farmer's markets have the added advantages of bringing us fresh items in season, AND a greater variety of foods most in tune with the local terroir around where we're living, or at least within a reasonably close region to it.


    Farmer's markets also offer other intangibles of gaining deeper knowledge about foods, expanding knowledge and networks for sourcing a greater variety of quality foods and, if we open ourselves up to them, real community.


    Go local...


    If growing our own foods, finding friends doing it for us, or being within reach of a farmer's market are not an option for us, then we have to find reputable local, wholesome food purveyors who source their provisions from such good farmers and other primary producers we highly value but can't find or directly access easily.


    Quality is often best when local purveyors are known as "organic" vendors, or as those who practice organic but are just not registered as such (due to incredible expense and administrative burden). We know these folks as they offer up heritage breeds and wild comestible options we're unlikely to find in any mainstream commercial store or national chain. At the very least, we want vendors who exclude GMO and all otherwise corrupted foodstuffs while sustaining a minimum level of quality regarding their provisions. [NOTE: these folks are in a low profit margin business, so please understand they're staying in business for the love of it, if not also for the inherited circumstance of being born into it as an indentured servant to a family business – give them some love, recognition and credit for their accomplishments and you'll be a hero for life.]


    The best food purveyors are often small scale artisans – these folks know wholesome, natural animal and plant breeds in incredible depth and what it takes to produce and deliver them at quality. In many instances such folks join together or take benefit from a local food Co-op, where the focus on foods is always to source the most fresh, local and high quality raw provisions with all the good time needed to present them that way.


    If we can't have a knowledgeable conversation about wholesome food with the folks handling our food, then we're talking to the wrong person or in the wrong place!

    The following topics are too extensive and variable regarding client specific needs and details, therefore guidance and opinions are best achieved through direct consultation with rob@purestvitality.com.


    C. Preparing

    D. Storing

    E. Sharing/Community


    Enjoy Eating Simply with Rob and you'll learn how to source, prepare and store the healthiest foods you will desire most!


    I've been a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker; but, I've gotten paid professionally for being an executive chef, owning restaurants and being a Chief Wellness Officer at a family medical practice (among a few others).


    I know some things about making your self health path easier and more affordable you might like to know... drop me a line and I'll share!

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