• Purest Vitality

    tools and wisdom for cultivating your own path of peak performance and vibrant Self Health


    we specialize in sharing wisdom and offering guidance on Self Health practices to improve performance and well-being for:

    • retired and masters athletes
    • disciplined wellness seekers on their own path

    Our Values & Beliefs:

    We value:

    • divergent thinking and exploration, leading to directly verifiable evidence of objectively measurable, repeatable and intended experiences;
    • deliberate practice progressively applied towards mastery and wisdom in action, not theory;
    • accessible tools, techniques and heuristics all people can use to improve their lives, i.e. we accept we are all different, but such differences are physically irrelevant and petty, chauvinistic distractions in the way of universally shared truths for cultivating body and spirit.

    We believe:

    • the best way to regain vibrant health and enduring wellness is through cultivating the purest vitality of one's own body;
    • fasting is the most powerful, natural way to repair damaged cells (autophagy), shed toxins stored in fat (free fatty acid mobilization) and reconstitute our innate, most powerful and stable metabolism (ketoadaptation) for enduring peak performance;
    • raw omnivore, naturally edible foods are the most effective and efficient source of required nutrition and energy for athletic and restorative pursuits...

    The learning is in the doing.

    You won't even need us after we get you started on your own self health path, unless you want to roll that way...

  • If you're in alignment with our Values and Beliefs, then share a little about you and your objectives.

    We're happy to help you with free insights wherever we can...

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