Purest Vitality's Three Principles

    1. Eat Simply

    Our most important and first principle is Eat Simply!


    What we eat determines our bodily structure, energy usage, fat storage, metabolic rate, the effective expansiveness and periodicity of tissue reconstruction and growth (biosynthesis) as well as our cellular renewal (autophagy). Our diet determines our destiny...


    Eat Simply let's you fulfill your destiny by eating foods that will enable you to reclaim peak performance, or become better than you are now, by:

    • feasting only on whole, naturally edible foods and avoiding all processed food and chemically manufactured foodstuffs.  In other words, if our great, great grandparents simply ate it, then we can eat it simply too; and,
    • not eating periodically for sufficient lengths of time – this enables our bodies to work less, clear itself of toxins and repair damaged cells in a daily/circadian rhythm.

    2. Rest Completely

    Rest Completely activates nutrition, broadens immune system function and deepens metabolic health earned in our Eat Simply diet.


    We accomplish Rest Completely by cultivating three recuperative cycles across our physical existence:

    • Daily – getting wholesome, deep sleep in nightly alignment with the natural rhythms of sun and seasons; and,
    • Periodically – hygienically fasting weekly or monthly further aids our bodies' maintenance, immunity and metabolic strength; and,
    • Seasonally – therapeutically deep fasting for complete, comprehensive physiological rest and total cellular rejuvenation.

    3. Train Deeply

    We Train Deeply to cultivate all levels of physical sensitivities and refine greater awareness of our body's refinements so physical gains and rejuvenation endure.


    Train Deeply means to methodically and deliberately hew our foundation from the wilderness of our own obstructed, unexplored and untapped inner selves:

    • gaining immediate progress in physical rejuvenation;
    • realigning joints, harmonizing mind/body, effortlessly grounding movement in strength by recovering natural alignment with gravity and our circadian metabolic rhythms;
    • revealing new levels of potential – there is always another step to take...

    Every enduring path of self-mastery begins upon a foundation of greater sensitivities, heightened awareness and unleashed internal power: with these gifts we may envision any desirable result and then manifest it.


    And yet for some, this path is better to have never begun – do not take it lightly.

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