• Purest Vitality principles you can immediately adopt and practice...

    1. Rest Completely

    Resting completely arises through three practices:


    a) getting wholesome, deep sleep in nightly alignment with the natural rhythms of sun and seasons; and,

    b) experiencing the complete, deep physiological rest and cellular rejuvenation one achieves by seasonal, therapeutic fasting;

    c) having a deliberate, contemplative practice of esoteric energy cultivation aligned and effortlessly distributed throughout the entire body.


    Engaging these three practices achieves complete rest and renewal for mind, body and spirit.


    Each practice generates powerful rejuvenation impacts. All three together constitute complete rest and restores the heights of our peak performance as well as fully activates our genetic potentials for enduring wellness and longevity.


    Do not take the power and value of complete rest in your life lightly...

    2. Eat Simply

    Food determines the expansiveness of rejuvenation we may enjoy in our body/mind. What we choose to eat either nourishes and replenishes us deeply, or it doesn't.


    Eating simply is a choice aligning us to the evolutionary patterns our bodies require for strengthening cells as well as feeding the ten times greater number of living microflora and fauna co-creating who we are and will be.


    We thrive when all our microbiome is healthy and aligned to do their work throughout our body, e.g. provide a robust immune system, create essential vitamins and buffer neurons in our enteric brain for emotional equanimity. What we eat and our microbiome consumes determines our active physical potentials as well as our internal neurological and metabolic ecosystem.


    Our choices are simple:


    a) Eating whole, natural foods edible raw straight from the seasonal wilds of nature (or in-season domesticated organics) bring the greatest value – both raw animal as well as vegetable foods – as often and exclusively as possible; and,

    b) Eat the above type raw foods lightly cooked and/or choose marginally wild and/or domesticated whole foods needed to be cooked in order to be edible (e.g. legumes, grains, seeds, etc.) whenever eating all raw food types listed above is not an option.


    Eating all other degraded natural or synthetic type foodstuffs are best treated as entertainment and not nourishment. Crap foodstuffs are deceptive thieves – chronic exposures to eating these foods for entertainment or as daily staples robs our mind and body of vitality and relentlessly depletes the epigenetic potentials for our microbiome and greater well-being.

    3. Train Deeply

    Every path towards mastery (i.e. being able to envision a desirable result and then manifest it) is hewn through the wilderness of our own unexplored selves. Establishing the path requires unbroken clarity of intention as we progress into our greatest depths.


    Training deeply requires many stepping stones of progress linked together through unbroken daily practice:

    • The unique and essential requirement of all deliberate, methodical and focused daily practice is intention experienced as growing awareness (body/mind) evolving over time.

    Refinement in the experience of practice, from gross physical to subtle awareness, is the crucible from which all exceptional outcomes and significant gains emerge – not whatever else you may think you're doing while calling any repetitive activity a practice.

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