• Principles

    (Ancient Wisdom Foundations for your own Self Health)

    1. Eat Simply

    Our most important and first foundation principle is Eat Simply!


    People will eat most anything to survive. They will also try most any diet in order to heal and thrive: there are carnivores, omnivores and vegetarians of all stripes and crazy combinations – yet these diets don't matter as much as the quality of whatever nutritious food we choose.

    Universally, all humans need to eat for more than energy – we need molecular building blocks for our bodily structure, hormones, gut microbiome health, our own pleasure and even social quality of life. However we eat – all foods and crap foodstuffs dictate the quality of our energy acquisition and usage, fat storage and utilization, metabolic rate, effective fitness under load, periodicity of tissue reconstruction and growth (biosynthesis), cellular renewal (autophagy) and longevity, chronic or acute inflammation, speed of healing and thoroughness of renewal, immune system function or failure, and even our epigenetic fitness to the current landscapes we live in, i.e. wellbeing.


    It's no wonder there are hundreds of diets and fads and eating gets so damn complicated. But all this diet mumbo jumbo is unnecessary noise and prevents us from getting what we really want – ease, enjoyment and affordability in our daily meals.


    Let's keep it simple:

    • ​​​feast only on whole, naturally edible foods; avoid all processed food and chemically manufactured foodstuffs.  In other words, if our great, great grandparents simply ate it, then we can simply eat it too; and,
    • periodically don't eat from the plate for sufficient lengths of time so the body can eat up stored inventory (body fat) from within itself – this enables our bodies to work less, clear ourselves of accumulated toxins, repair damaged cells and even reclaim naturally occurring daily/circadian metabolic rhythms.

    We are always eating every day, whether off our plates or our bodies; but, we are not always eating high grade quality food:


    High grade quality food on your plate means unmolested, whole and naturally edible seasonal foods; and,


    High grade quality food on your body means sufficient AND correctly balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 essential fatty acids pooled throughout your tissues and blood.


    At Purest Vitality, we choose the highest grade quality of food to meet our body's daily requirements, because we've learned:


    Eating daily is destiny!


    So if you want a better destiny, then eat better daily. Full stop.


    Whether you're a carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian or just bored, learning to Eat Simply will help you eat better, choose wisely and realize the full potential of your best genetic & epigenetic destiny possible.


    More simply put: you will reclaim lost performance abilities and feel way better than you do right now – so for whatever reason you prefer, or no reason at all, just eat simply today...


    Your body will thank you!

    2. Rest Completely

    Rest Completely activates perfect nutrition, broadens immune system function, reduces inflammation and deepens metabolic health established by an Eat Simply foundation.


    Any may accomplish Rest Completely by cultivating three recuperative cycles throughout our physical existence:

    • Daily – getting wholesome, physiological rest in alignment with the natural rhythms of daily sunlight and darkness; and,
    • Periodically – fasting weekly or monthly for wellness maintenance, immunity and metabolic strength; and,
    • Seasonally – therapeutic deep fasting for complete, comprehensive physiological rest and total cellular rejuvenation.

    3. Train Deeply

    The requirement for training deeply is deliberate practice: methodically hewing enduring wellness from our wilderness of obstructed, damaged, unexplored and untapped physical selves.


    The body will rapidly learn to automatically Train Deeply if we let it.


    We can always immediately start progress to rapidly heal and achieve total rejuvenation in any area, including:

    • broken bones, ruptured discs and torn ligaments;
    • strengthening and realigning joints;
    • reducing chronic inflammation;
    • reclaiming circadian metabolic rhythms;
    • regaining levels of energy, revealing untapped potentials – there is always another step to take...

    Training Deeply begins a solid foundation of cultivated sensitivities, refined awareness and unleashed latent physiological power – everything improves together.


    And yet for some this path is better to have never begun, as the changes can be dramatic and powerful – do not take them lightly...

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