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Eat Simply Challenge #3 (preview)

Tips, insights and a peek to accelerate progress in community...

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Tips, insights and a peek to accelerate progress in community:

We all have to socialize and have family. Sharing food is a powerful part of our daily relationships.

Our challenge is sharing the highest quality Grade A & B foods while consuming the fewest lower quality foods. This can be difficult in an Eat Simply challenge, as well as nearly impossible to sustain at all other times – let's make the best of any situation with these tips:

Avoid foods:

  • learn to politely say no thanks, you've already eaten and are full;
  • distract folks by telling them you feel nauseous or not well enough to eat any more (lower grade quality foods) at the moment;
  • ignore everyone else's noise and complaints and get on with your new, improved eating lifestyle – life and playing time is short!

Reduce foods:

I will eat anything somebody makes for me with love, or who genuinely intends to share their meal with me. This includes the crap foods and candy made by my friends and family.

The best option in these circumstances is to indulge up to the point of genuine communion, but to keep your intake low and don't go back for seconds or thirds – with those folks you care about!

In all other company I focus on eliminating all lower quality foods for 100 days; but, there is no need to fear these foods if you can't do it absolutely 100% all of the time.

Reducing any amount of lower quality foods in your diet is always very helpful.

It takes very little effort to start these upgrades and positive changes. And they quickly accumulate momentum into good-habit forming power.

Now go and do likewise.