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Letters from Rob

· Letters from Rob

Fall 2019

Hi Good People.

I'm an aging athlete. I learned and refined my powerful Self Health principles and practices over decades, first on myself and then with others as Chief Practitioner at a private family medical practice in Austin, Texas. The principles and insights shared here are ad free. I welcome all aging and retired athletes to use them.

The top 2% (you self-starters) will pick up these principles and apply them for a better quality of life. Others will nibble at them and try a few things of interest. It's all good.

I strive to be helpful to all seeking rapid rejuvenation, playing harder longer, and living pain-free lives.

My Self Health wisdom can work for all other sports people (and even young athletes), but as I'm an elder and my number of remaining playing seasons are dwindling, so too is my availability. I've a tight focus, sharing what aging soccer players over 30, and retired professional athletes are challenged by and desire to regain the most.

If you find anything here helpful to you, please come back and drop me a note – I'm always learning from people. I appreciate and would love know what has worked for you.

May all of you find lasting cheer in your sport of choice and my best wishes for great success on the path of your own purest vitality. Go forth, baby, go – and keep playing!

Ad mundum meliorem,

Rob Hanna

Chief Practitioner & Founder / Purest Vitality