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3. Self Health – Eat Simply Practices

Our most important ancient wisdom principles in practice...

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I've taken ancient Eat Simply wisdom principles and refined them into successful Self Health practices for our modern circumstances. These are easy to learn, but can be challenging to put into daily practice:

  1. ​​​eat wild and organic, whole, nutrient dense and naturally edible, omnivore raw foods;
  2. avoid all processed food and chemically manufactured foodstuffs (if our great, great grandparents didn't eat it daily, then we shouldn't eat it daily either); and,
  3. feast within (i.e. don't eat anything from your plate) for sufficient lengths of time so your body will eat its stored inventory of perfectly balanced nutrition and spike stem cell production for renewal as well as effortlessly purge yourself of accumulated wastes, damaged cells and stored toxins.
These three practices are all you need to reap Eat Simply benefits right now – start now and use my Eat Simply Innovation Challenge to accelerate your own Eat Simply daily practices for free:

Now go and do.

If you don't want to take my above practices as gospel truth and jump right in, then don't be a lazy bastard – read the TL;DR below for some research topics before going Google happy on your own.

Good luck and check back in if you have any questions. Happy to give feedback to all those hewing their own Self Health path.

It ain't easy...

Look around – how many people do you see eating crap food? Many will sheepishly acknowledge their food is junk, but some won't even care.

And then there's your friend with the freaky-deaky weird diet – the one who won't shut-up about its benefits and obvious virtues (unfortunately I've been there, done that to my friends and complete strangers – apologies if you heard me proselytizing back in the day).

Are any of these type eaters still performing like well-oiled 20-year-old machines on the soccer pitch at 30, 40, or even 50 years of age? Hell no, haha – of course not!

Even if we're generous and say some look good for their age, compare them to their peak competitive selves, or others half their age on the field – they're a distant shadow of any previous standards. Sure, it's all of us getting older; rapid decline is inevitable, right?

I call total BS.

All of us getting rapidly older isn't inevitable – it's our modern Standard American Diet (SAD) eff'ing us up. There is an extensive variety of crap foodstuffs in our food supply masquerading as real food – all of these unique chemical concoctions were never in existence or prevalence prior to 50 years ago. The majority of what we now eat is entirely chemically processed crap, full of toxic shelf-stablizing chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, genetic modifications and even worse – entirely devoid of assimilable nutrition.

We can eat and survive on these foodstuffs, but we get nothing worth a damn from them to sustain us, let alone thrive – except regular big, runny dumps.

Our most common pivots in response to these environmental degradations are doubling down on orthodox SAD nutrition advice, or running for cover under any number of whack-job dietary restrictions:

  • many of us get slide-tackled by the total BS of restrictive calorie/energy balance and accept a Sisyphean grind to reverse evolving metabolic syndrome and fat gain – and then it doesn't work.  Not because we lack will or discipline, but because we live with less energy from our plates and end up with nutrient deficient pathologies eroding half our metabolic capacity and all our immune system function; and/or,
  • some of us retreat into exclusive eating – carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or all kinds of crazy (and I've done them all).  The beauty of these eating disciplines is all of them actually work for a time because they're less toxic than mindlessly eating as many SAD foodstuffs as we can every day.

Daily diet determines more than our energy levels and ever expanding waistline – it also jiggers our:

  • metabolic rate
  • effective fitness under load
  • fat storage and mobilization
  • chronic and acute inflammation
  • immune system function or failure
  • cellular renewal (autophagy) and longevity
  • speed of healing and thoroughness of renewal
  • periodicity of tissue reconstruction and growth (biosynthesis)
  • epigenetic fitness to current landscapes we live in to wellbeing or dysfunction.

And if we let crap foodstuffs jigger our complex organic system every day, guess what we get:

"Sub, sub! I need a sub!"

"Dude, you just went on..."

Unfortunately restrictive and exclusive diets of any type are often devoid of complete nutrition and/or metabolic strengthening needed for rapid rejuvenation and long-term enduring wellness.

I also don't like diet restrictions (or any restrictions) as a steady state existence. I prefer cultivating a solid metabolic foundation, reviving my palate and then instinctively craving whole nutritious foods with satisfying indulgence.

In this way my complete nutrition at every meal is not a grind and becomes passionate fulfillment, dials back my aging and keeps me pain-free extending my career on the pitch. It's a success recipe anyone can make and serve daily.

I'm 58 years old now raising a 3 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter and although every first-time fatherhood soccer player is not a geezer like me, they know exactly what it feels like playing sleep deprived. And I do that too, at my AARP years of age.

I eat simply to live easy, play fully with my kids and go the full 90 minutes of competitive league soccer with and against punks half my age.

Don't wait until you're 50+ years old to learn how TREMENDOUSLY IMPORTANT high-quality foods are for extending your peak performance and your:

  • gut microbiome health
  • rapid healing and rejuvenation
  • improved hormone production
  • disease immunity and enduring wellbeing
  • molecular building blocks for strong joints and durable ligaments

    Evolve high quality food choices and your body will effortlessly align with evolutionary potentials as fast as it can:

    • High grade quality food on your plate – eating unmolested, whole, nutrient dense, naturally edible omnivore raw foods in season; and,
    • High grade quality food on your body – metabolizing correctly balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 essential fatty acids already pooled throughout your blood, bone and tissues.

    What's already pooled and stored in your body is going to dictate your health as the body feasts on itself within. And when you've less than optimal internal inventory to draw nourishment from, it takes some time to regain complete, quality nutrition.

    And when you eat simply it is easy to rejuvenate and reclaim all your youth (because it's not your YOUTH you're reclaiming, it's your whole entire body in full working order – duh!). Make no mistake on what's driving your quality of life today and for all your tomorrows:

    Daily diet is destiny!

    Want a better destiny – eat simply every day.

    I hope you will eat simply without paying me a penny – just apply my above principles and use my Eat Simply Innovation Challenge to upgrade your current eating habits for free.

    When you do eat simply and succeed, the only thing I ask is you share an honest testimonial and/or feedback with me on how to make this free information easier for all others to use.

    Make eat simply practices your easiest and most consistent daily feed.

    Your body and mind will thank you!