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Rejuvenation for Aging Athletes

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All of us aging athletes are sold everything under the sun to use in our bodies or do onto our bodies – apps, heart rate monitors, supplements, machines, invasive surgeries, doping, subscriptions, demanding gurus, rah rah tribes, workout communities and even entire ideologies.

We pay for these gimmicks in hopes of gaining a quick fix or long-term solution to performing at our best, or dialing back our chronic pains and veteran damage.

Modern elite and professional athletes are becoming more and more like GMO crops – requiring endless synthetic cocktails to stay competitive and maintain peak performance.

Ok, reality is fine.

Except there are consequences as we age:

  1. we've misdirected the power of our focus and amazing discipline onto valuing and procuring external things (e.g. supplements, apps, tools, machines) in a quest based on assumption we are all missing something – we need additive ingredients for the win; and, the for pain relief;
  2. the complexity of synthetic cocktails and foreign elements invading our bodies accumulates to the point where these chemicals are expected and play a chronic role in our performance – ultimately depending upon exogenous chemicals to turbo charge our bodies brings great detriment to our long-term health and wellness over time.

We athletes get what we can afford for the competitive edge we want, as long as we want it. And then as we age we reap the inevitable health and wellness complications with either shortened playing careers or enduringly painful retirements.

After suffering an enduring, ugly embrace of performance enhancing accessories, missed organic development opportunities and ultimate physical degradation (if not failure) of overall health and wellness, we choose what's left: acceptance of suffering, surgeries, pain pills, and making excuses about "getting older" when in reality we're just limping along with burned-out and broken-down bodies.

If you're here you've found an antidote:

My Self Health foundation principles will redirect the power of your focus onto your own natural, internal chemistry and metabolism for complete rejuvenation through simple, daily practices.

Self Health is the best answer for all aging complaints, injuries and complications from a long-playing career. And also the only way you can continue playing, or retire from playing, pain free.

Mature athletes have learned, are disciplined and never forget:

The learning is always in the doing!

So get started now with my free resources guiding you back to focus on yourself – and accelerating you forward into your own purest vitality of Self Health.

Begin at your own pace with my One Week Challenges – now go and do.