• Challenges

    One week each: two to get you started and three more to keep you going

    Five One-Week Challenges

    five sequentially progressive, self-guided challenges of Eat Simply upgrades

    Challenge #4

    Afford, prep and store foods correctly


    Challenge #5

    Eat omnivore raw


  • Notes

    Buy and complete your Wellness Labs before starting your first challenge – you will get a free consultation with me for completing each challenge with greater impact to your local circumstances. I will also be able to answer all your challenge questions as they evolve:

    1. View the Eat Simply Prep on Omega Foods in section below (it includes all unlocked challenges)
    2. Complete the first two challenges together in sequence to establish a solid foundation;
    3. Unlock the remaining challenges for continued progress, greater pleasure and faster results along the way;
    4. Be intentional about your pacing and environment – your choices can rapidly advance or delay your Self Health progress.


    Why Do a Challenge Now?


    The global epidemics of obesity, metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation, weakened immune systems, auto-immune diseases and just feeling like shit affects almost everyone. Our broken medical and healthcare systems offer no enduring solutions and only pharmaceutical relief from symptoms.


    We competitive athletes additionally suffer injuries and chronic degradations that prevent continued play at our personal best – we either can't seem to heal completely, or take a naggingly long time to do so.


    Starting to eat simply from the highest grade A & B category foods will improve all above issues for us and more in a few powerful ways:

    • restoring our historic Omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acid dietary AND tissue balance;
    • ensuring nutrient dense meals so the body achieves wholesome satiety;
    • allowing efficient (low work) digestion and increased microflora gut health;
    • reducing the amount of dietary toxins and broken chemical bonds found in all lesser quality foods;
    • ensuring natural and unmolested proteins for cell structure renewal and energy balance needed to sustain lean, energized physiology for active play and enduring well-being in even sedentary work lifestyles.
    Unfortunately, achieving durable wellness gains by improved diet alone depends upon persistent eating of higher Grade A & B quality foods over a significant period time. The first foundation level of enduring transformation requires 100 days of eat simply practice.
    So it's always best to have started to eat simply 99 days ago...

    Get Going!


    The remaining three Eat Simply Innovation Challenges require you to complete the first two open Challenges #1 & #2. Your success will give us direct evidence of the best Goldilocks approach for you before we tailor advanced practices to your unique circumstances in the final three challenges:


    3. Accelerate progress in community

    4. Afford, prep and store foods correctly

    5. Eat omnivore raw


    Schedule me for a free initial consultation to get more details.

  • Eat Simply Prep & Unlocked Challenges

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