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    Purest Vision

    • all mature athletes cultivate their Self Health mastery, rapidly resolve lingering chronic pains, acute injuries, unresolved insults and live their most enjoyable, enduring competitive lifestyle possible for the rest of their lives.

    Vitality Beliefs

    • Dramatic, Rapid Improvements: subtle lifestyle changes can bring dramatic, immediate improvements to athletic performance & general physical wellbeing;
    • Personal Responsibility: to walk a path of Self Health means accepting responsibility for lifelong mastery of personal choices along the way to optimal wellbeing;
    • Knowledge is free: learning what works is always free and available if one goes looking; unfortunately, correct practice to improve oneself rapidly requires help along the way;
    • Good Discipline is merely remembering what you really want in a lifestyle without complaints;
    • Purest Vitality is fully realized Self Health by liberating rejuvenation capacities latent within one's own body. To give away physical sovereignty, power and control of your own body's healing abilities is always ignorant folly, impoverishing practice and personal slavery enlisted for others' profit. Do so at your own peril!

    Self Help Values

    • Ask – I share what works from direct experience. Ask me and learn what's proven to get objectively measurable, verifiable and repeatably successful wellness results;
    • Act – stop talking and start doing right now. Take 1% of my theory on Self Health principles and practices shared here for free and drive 99% of your own successful results. Agreement with any of my above divergent beliefs is not required – especially when it's irrelevant or obstructive to your acting now and getting immediate physical progress. Giddyup and go!
    • Advance – make dramatic improvement of body, mind & spirit by deliberate and continuous, daily practice – everything improves together. Everything...

      Aging Athlete FAQs:


      Q. Why should I follow Rob's Self Health principles or his advice on purest vitality practices?


      Rob: Several reasons why I follow my own advice and why you might:

      • get proven, ancient wisdom principles refined for modern life for free – and immediately try them out without doing yourself harm; and,
      • measure rapid progress in your wellbeing over the first 100 days and see how well you're improving internally, as well as by performance abilities regained on the playing field; and,
      • avoid pain of expensive medical procedures, debilitating pharmacological treatments of chronic symptoms, and fully resolve nagging injuries relentlessly agitating you to hang up your boots for good...

      Q. What has Rob used to recover from his injuries (and/or guide others to recover from theirs) in order to play competitively again?


      Rob: Any individualized Eat Simply, Rest Completely and Train Deeply recipe is not going to work for everyone even though the basic principles will and consistently do. This has more to do with designing adherence practices easier for some clients than any variability in physiological circumstances.


      I have to tweak what I and my clients do based on our unique objectives and current lifestyle potentials. Here's what I started with decades ago;

      1. fasted for 10 days on water alone and eliminated excruciating herniated disc pain; and then,
      2. ate 100% omnivore raw, whole foods and got surprisingly greater stamina and energy while continuing the therapeutic effects of my 10 day fast; and then,
      3. cultivated a deliberate daily deep training practice with only one hour a day for 100 days straight and it enduringly improved everything.

      I've continued to evolve and refine my three principles of Eat Simply, Rest Completely and Train Deeply for myself and other athletes. I mostly focus on working with those who need and desire to rapidly recover from chronic conditions and acute injuries. For myself this has included but not been limited to:

      • cerebral concussions;
      • herniated cervical and lumbar discs;
      • supra-ventricular tachycardia and heart arrhythmia;
      • broken ankles, damaged knees, pulled groins and low back pain;
      • torn ligaments (ankles and knees) and severed muscles (quadricep).

      Self Health practices further protect me because I also avoid the iatrogenic consequences of invasive surgeries, chronic pharmacological medications and expensive continuance of professional physical therapies.


      Most importantly, my practices don't take much effort (I'm a lazy bastard) and still enable me to endurably punch well above my weight, i.e. I'm 58 yrs old and still play competitively in city league soccer with and against 20 and 30 yr old players – and I don't even workout!


      Q. Why should I pay for Rob's personal guidance if the principles and ancient wisdom practices work and are free?


      Rob: You shouldn't. Take what I share here for free and fully apply yourself to practicing my three, ancient Self Health wisdom principles daily in your own life. And if you do, you'll rank in the:

      • top 2% of all athletes if you succeed to a remarkable degree entirely on your own – drop me a line, I'd love to hear about your success and ongoing progress.
      • top 30% if you gain measurable improvements, but plateau before fully realizing an enduring foundation for lifelong wellness – drop me a line, I'd love to take your money and get you into the top 2% category.
      • remaining 68%, if you don't have the time or temperament for daily practice on your own – drop me a line, I'd love to refer you to others who can help you onto more traditional paths. And once started, maybe you'll leapfrog right into the top 2% category!

      I wish purest vitality and Self Health wellness to all wherever you rank!


      Q. Ok, what can I do next before deciding to go out of pocket?


      Rob: Ask yourself if you're feeling ready to act and advance under rapid progress over 100 days. Not everyone wants to learn how to recover faster, play harder, play more frequently or live more pleasurably over time. Many complain they can't afford the time, or money, and prefer getting by until they can't suffer anymore. It's the way I bumped along the bottom for decades – and I'm glad it's over.


      Also good to consider is whether or not you want to learn Self Health principles by yourself (yes, you can), OR would prefer to pay me so you avoid common mistakes and wasted time along the way – with a guarantee on your 100 day progress. Again, it's a perfect fit for some, but not for others. And I only want the perfect fit clients:


      Establishing an enduring wellness foundation of Self Health is not for everyone, and it doesn't have to be. I will accept clients who value their wellness results enough to be worth some personal time and expense to get them.


      If thats you, ring me up and share what you want to regain in your daily well-being and athletic performance in the Contact Rob form on this page... you'll get my free consultation to start off, whichever way you decide to go.


      Feel free to ask about my Money-back Guarantee for any level of timely progress and promised results you will commit to achieving.


      Cheers to your purest vitality!

      About Rob Hanna

      I’ve been paid for 30 years to create innovations in almost every industry. I also coined the term Social Wealth after working on Wall Street and seeing how personal wealth creation skills could create public wealth – our social wealth. I’ve direct professional expertise and success guiding thousands of individuals, teams, organizations, communities at global levels of significance in impacts, where people achieve their own desired better outcomes. All towards a better world!


      At Purest Vitality I bring my entire professional expertise to accelerate progress for you on your own Self Health path to optimal wellness and rejuvenated vitality – I deliver you to your own desired level of purest vitality.

      Schedule your free initial consultation now:

      To improve your results in our first conversation, please come prepared to discuss the following:


      1. what specific physical priority issues you want to improve in your daily wellbeing and competitive playing abilities;
      2. your lifestyle priorities and scope of willingness to make changes needed to rapidly improve any above physical issues;
      3. alignment with what you already do and can immediately do differently to bring you initial success with me – and inevitable success without me.
      You will also get more value out of our free time together by reviewing the principles, practices and insights arranged on this site. Be prepared with any questions and concerns about your wellness ambitions.
      Our call will be even better if you take time to try out my Self Health principles first.
      I price my services on a sliding scale to deliver far greater value to you than you end up agreeing to pay me. You will still have to have a meaningful level of financial skin in the game in order to play. Please also review Money-back Guarantee for how I play with my skin in your game.
      Remember – time is your most valuable resource, so get going!

      Rob Hanna's Self Health path to Purest Vitality...


      Amateur Passions

      • Premiere & First Division open mens league play in Austin Mens Soccer Association (still going strong at 58 years of age);
      • Competitive rugby football player (Washington PRU & OMBAC);
      • Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor;
      • Liuhebafa Teacher, Hidden Immortals School;
      • Top Writer 2016, 2017, 2018 / Quora.com

      Professional Experience

      • 20+ years professional fasting guide & practitioner / Purest Vitality;
      • CEO & Co-founder / Veritas Impact Partners, a public charitable not-for-profit;
      • Chief Wellness Practitioner, Victory Medical / Longevity Club;
      • Restaurant owner & private raw foods chef;
      • COO and Co-founder / One Stop Wellness.

      Yes, I'm still competing at 58 years of age in my city's amateur mens soccer league. It's vanity to feel good about playing with and against 20 something year old team mates and opposing players at my age. However, as my college soccer coach, A.C. Moore, used to say:


      "It ain't bragging if you can do it!"




      Easy is as easy does.

      Two years ago I completely severed a right quadricep muscle during a Premier division match. Up until then I was a starter, as well as the oldest player in all six divisions of our city's open mens league. I've since lost my starting position, but am back playing again and still get minutes. I've starting positions on other priorities right now (including a 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter), multiple startup companies, a new non-profit launching and blah blah blah. I've no interest in bragging about my life stuff, because:


      I do want to brag about how truly remarkable I feel at 58 years old after all I've been through and what I'm currently doing.


      It's crazy how I can still play soccer at these levels, be a sleep deprived dad, work all week and weekend and still show up on the pitch to play – WITHOUT TRAINING.


      I never run, workout or do anything any more to "get in shape" other than eat simply and rest completely – and then I just put my boots on without a warm up, run on and play at competitive levels.




      This is my definition of Purest Vitality anyone can achieve.


      In my career of competitive play I've trained very hard to compete and play at elite levels. Even as a semi-pro player and collegiate champion. Remember two-a-days? Did plenty of those with shin splints way back in the day when I played with a national championship college team. They sucked.


      Not anymore: no HIIT runs, no LSD recovery runs, no repeat sprint ability shuttles, no work outs with free weights – nothing.


      Oh yeah, I also mountain bike the same way – hop on and hammer.


      I wish this was due to some freak genetic gift I'd received from the gods, but it isn't. I was never that lucky to feel this way in my past, nor that good at training. I had to coax my wisdom out after decades of suffering by doing what everyone else thought was the right thing to do. I guess they were wrong.


      It makes no sense to me how at 58 years old I should be feeling better in my body than I did when I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s.


      I surmise based on my own experience and what I've seen of my clients rapid recoveries and improvements only one thing and one thing alone is responsible:


      My Self Health foundation of ancient wisdom practices.


      The exact same ones I've refined over decades and share here with you here, on Purest Vitality.


      If seemingly unlimited energy, expanded physical capacities and enduing resiliency beyond anything you've ever experienced at any point in your career is interesting, then you must explore Self Health.




      Radically better renewal is sweetest.

      As a geezer I'm a playing god on the pitch and my peers are not. And there were many decades when I was playing well but not even feeling like a healthy athlete, due to many past injuries and bodily insults lingering on and on, including:

      • severely herniated cervical discs
      • broken ankle
      • completely torn ligaments
      • ruptured kidney
      • cracked sternum
      • supra ventricular tachycardia
      • arrhythmia
      • hospitalized concussions – loss of sense of smell and diplopia (double vision)
      • completely severed quadricep muscle
      • chronic muscle tightness, cramping
      • and plenty of minor nagging blah blah blah recurring ailments.

      I often felt doomed and depressed like these complications would never fully heal and my playing days were numbered, if not over.


      Fortunately, after journeying with Self Health practices, all these above acute and chronic conditions resolved. They are gone from my daily awareness and on field performance.


      Given all the above and my age I honestly shouldn't still be able to play competitive soccer for 90 minutes with anyone, let alone avidly tackling 20 year olds as if none of the above ever happened...


      And if I can do it, you can too – faster and even better than I was able to accomplish by slowly figuring it all out on my own.




      There are no secrets.

      Anyone can make Self Health progress by using three ancient wisdom principles put into modern day practice:


      Eat Simply, Rest Completely, Train Deeply

        Practicing any single one of these principles alone will dramatically improve your life. Combining all three together will rapidly transport you into a new realm of your own enduring purest vitality.


        What's the trick? The only trick is practicing daily. My art and science is crafting your own Self Health practice recipe and sequences to fit your daily potentials for rapid improvement. I'm good at doing this for myself and others. And I founded Purest Vitality in 2001 to do this work for others.


        Purest Vitality is my boutique wellness practice designed for elite athletes disenchanted with expensive medical interventions and toxic medicines. Who want more than suppressing their symptoms and not curing or correcting the underlying damage, dysfunctional causes or chronic suffering conditions.


        Our ancient wisdom traditions are still powerful after millennia. And the human body hasn't changed since those times – we are designed to rapidly habituate into practices borne of our natural environment so we can rapidly heal, be vital and live fully alive at all times.


        Unfortunately our natural environment has changed dramatically over millennia, and for the worse as concerns our body and natural Self Health.




        Bad environments, meh professionals.

        There are no end to professionals who believe a drug, supplements or surgery is all we need for physical renewal. People who suggest these interventions are sometimes ignorant fools, untrustworthy professionals full of shit, or hustlers trying to sell us something. And sometimes they are all three combined.


        Your challenge is to avoid profit commerce, ignorance and bad culinary habits so your body can heal itself. I won't lie and tell you anyone alive knows exactly how our body works and heals – we don't know. I can tell truthfully share all you need to do for accelerating your Self Health improvements, whether that's getting back onto the playing field close to your peak potential at almost any mature age (if you still have legs and want to do it), or just getting pain out of your body.


        My motivation for working with players over 30 years of age is precisely because of their maturity, discipline and painful realization at being on the far side of their personal best performances – these are the high readiness factors we need for rapid success without bullshit excuses.


        My guidance will help any athlete get out of their way to let the body's innate Self Health cultivation restore optimal wellness. If Self Health was hard work and not effortlessly pleasurable to do I wouldn't keep doing it; but just like enjoying effortless luxury by partying on the beach at St. Barts, you first have to get there.


        And I'll be happy to show you the way...

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