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    New season. Same reason.

    ~Rob Hanna


    As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

    ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Purest Vitality Vision

    • for all aging athletes to learn and achieve their own Self Health mastery in rejuvenation so they know how to rapidly resolve chronic pains, acute injuries, and physical insults;
    • to develop healthful daily habits for the most enduringly enjoyable lifestyle desired for the rest of their lives.
    Your Chief Practitioner & Self Health Guide

    Rob Hanna

    • Earned three US governor's awards for successful public health and wellness projects in local communities;
    • Wellness practitioner, writer, company startup founder, co-founder, adviser, investor; not-for-profit CEO;
    • First-time father and husband (after 50 yrs old) of 3 & 6 year old children and 17 year younger wife;
    • Active soccer athlete in AMSA (Austin city league) open mens first division, competing against non-age restricted players.

    Self Health Givens

    • Dramatic, Rapid Improvements: the right subtle lifestyle changes bring dramatic, immediate and ongoing improvements to athletic performance & general physical wellbeing;
    • Personal Responsibility: the path of Self Health is an accumulation of personal choices – either towards optimal wellbeing, or away from it;
    • Knowledge is free: but learning by doing correct practice to improve oneself rapidly is not – we pay by deliberate, methodical and focused effort all along the way;
    • Good Discipline is merely remembering what one really wants in a lifestyle without complaints;
    • Purest Vitality is one's own body: to ignore or give away sovereignty, power and control over one's physical potentials to false authorities, certified professionals and charlatans is always folly, impoverishment and financial slavery enlisted for others' profit – and a lifelong challenge against constant perils.

    Self Health Values

    • Ask – I share what works from direct experience so you can know what's proven to activate objectively measurable, verifiable and repeatably successful wellness results in yourself for yourself;
    • Act – stop talking and start doing – 1% of my theory and 99% of your doing makes for successful results. Giddy-up and go!
    • Advance – deliberate, methodical and focused daily practice is the key – everything improves together. Everything.

      FAQs by Aging & Retired Athletes:


      Q. Why should I follow Rob's Self Health principles or his advice on developing my own purest vitality practices?


      Rob: Several reasons why I follow my own advice and why you might:


      My Purest Vitality methods are refined from over 30 years of direct practice and professional applications in a variety of domains. This includes public health innovations with federal, state and local governments, corporate human resource wellness programs, and private clinical services in a family medical practice with side by side protocol testing at a longevity club, where my ancient Purest Vitality methods competed against modern technologies, cutting-edge hormone replacement therapies and nutraceutical supplementation for the most improved metabolic markers.


      My Self Health methods won.


      Q. How do you provide guidance?


      Rob: I ensure quality results by only sharing proven guidance and rigorously vetting clients so they are predisposed to winning before they even start. This means my proven advice and guidance is tailored to my clients' capacity and readiness to achieve results.


      Q. What are your credentials?


      Rob. I'm a professional Wellness Practitioner.


      I'm not a medical doctor, I don't diagnose illnesses, I don't treat diseases and I don't give medical advice.


      I've worked as Chief Practitioner with medical professionals and Board Certified MDs in medical facilities, and as a paid wellness consultant with their patients and my own clients. I've fairly diverse professional experience in health and wellness applications:

      • Co-founder, CEO of Veritas Impact Partners, a not-for-profit providing health & wellness interventions into workforce communities across the US;
      • Co-founder of One Stop Wellness, a corporate wellness startup providing complete online and offline employee wellness services;
      • Chief Practitioner of Vitality, Victory Medical, where I proved the clinical applications of Purest Vitality outperformed prescription meds and formulae, and hormone replacement therapy;
      • Restauranteur owner executive chef and private raw chef – practiced in artisanal food production, sourcing, storing, preparation, serving and profit incentives, from global food industry (see below) to mom & pop corner store;
      • NYC commodities trader (global food industry) on Wall Street at Dominick & Dominick, becoming subsidiary president, general partner and and managing director of offshore hedge funds.

      Additionally, my 53 years of competitive soccer playing experience (started at age five) includes semi-pro play for New York Athletic Club and I'm currently playing competitively as an aging athlete in my city league's open mens first division, with and against 20 and 30 somethings – entirely due to practicing what I preach here to you.


      I kinda know what I'm talking about based on a great deal of direct experience and decades of practice.


      Q. But I can Google and learn all I need to know about eating clean and how to intermittent fast – why do I need you, just for discipline?


      Rob: Lol – I'm delivering you immediate, rapid and direct experience of metabolic rejuvenation, not some YouTuber's 10 minute theory or clickbait affiliate marketing.
      I'm also provisioning you with proven practices, tools and methods we athletes need to use in order to remove chronic pain from our bodies, whether we're playing or not. And these tools become immediate personal insights into direct experiences in a complete wellness foundation built for a lifetime – not over a lifetime!

      Q. How can I trust your advice – it seems entirely contrary to what we've learned from established nutritionists and medical professionals?


      Rob: Trust in my advice is the better results you immediately get. Full stop.
      There is so much BS out there that sounds legit, but everyone is getting less and less vital together, so it's hard to realize what we're losing day by day.
      The trust you need to have is not in me, but in the fact there is a better path for all of us, and a correct way for you to walk it so it works for you.
      As to my legitimate advice you can use to walk your own Self Health path, it's all based on direct experience including:
      • water fasting – water alone, nothing else. I've fasted hundreds of times and gone 28 days on water alone.  I've guided others on lengthy water fasts and still routinely and seasonally fast for shorter durations.  Few to no professionals are competitive athletes who intimately understand the variable transformations that take place in fasting for therapeutic, behavioral/emotional and greater performance results – I do;
      • dry fasting – this is an advanced and rapid therapeutic practice of going without food or water for days and weeks; I dry fast seasonally.
      • 100% raw food protocols – these dietary protocols are variable and include 100% raw carnivore, 100% raw omnivore, 100% raw vegetarian and 100% raw green vegan, with entirely different outcomes and progressions.  I've done them all and advised others on them for decades;
      • certified ashtanga teacher; liuhebafa teacher – the physical body has ongoing physiological alignment challenges and untapped energy potentials due to our modern environments;
      • ongoing research – my restorative and rejuvenation practices include keeping abreast and engaged in others' research and clinical insights, as well as mentorship by world renowned experts on the too many diverse and complex aspects of natural metabolic drivers and transformations, including Dr. Manfred Clynes (neurologist), Dr. Bill Lands (foremost authority on EFAs), Dr. Stanley Bass (fasting), Dr. Billy Franklin (HRT longevity practices) and many others. It's not all about me.  It's about keeping it simple and knowing what we don't know.

      Q. Why should I pay for Rob's personal guidance if I can just take the principles and ancient wisdom practices and put them to work for free?


      Rob: You shouldn't pay me – the learning is in the doing. And if you can go and do, then please go and do.


      I suspect you will succeed if you are one of the top 2% of all elite athletes who already have a wellness practice and discipline needed to continuously apply the principles I preach correctly and rapidly iterate to find what works. These individuals will succeed to a remarkable degree entirely on their own in about one to two years or exploratory practice. If this is you, then please drop me a line – I'd love to learn from your success and hear about your ongoing progress;


      You should pay me if you want:

      • results you can immediately feel and enjoy;  
      • applied methods and correct practices (yes, there are many incorrect practices to avoid for enduringly optimal results);
      • elder wisdom to last you a lifetime after working with me only once;
      • injuries rapidly healed and chronic pains resolved naturally
      • wellness practices evolved and enduringly anchored into living your own top 2% category of lifelong performance.


      Q. Ok, what can I do next before deciding to go out of pocket?


      Rob: Clarify your priorities and motivation – I want, I will, I won't:

      1. What better wellness end results do you really want in your life? 
      2. What new things are you willing to do to achieve better results?
      3. What will you stop doing (won't dos) to build a better you?

      Tough questions for many. Few dare to answer them honestly.


      Q. Who are your ideal clients?


      Rob: active soccer players over 30 who want to learn how to recover faster, play harder, play more frequently and live more pleasurably over time and retired athletes who want to rejuvenate and eliminate symptoms of their enduring insults and injuries accumulated over a competitive career.


      You are my people – who value your wellness results enough to be worth personal time, effort and reasonable expense to improve your status quo.


      And with me you will.


      Schedule a call and get started today, there's only so many more seasons left – let's play them all.


      Cheers to regaining your purest vitality!

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