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    Welcome to a path of self-reliant, transformative wellness

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    Is there a better way to vibrant health and enduring wellness than the purest vitality of your own body?




    All can achieve mind and body wellness renewal without need for any expensive and continuous reliance on the usual suspects – no gurus, no pills, no powders, no supplements, no nutraceutical shakes, no crap prophylactics, no surgeries and absolutely no bullsh!#.


    Self-health is our body renewing itself. When we let our bodies lead, they bring us all back to what naturally works for our own enduring wellness – this is the purest vitality.


    Cultivating your own purest vitality – without adding more stuff to your life – is both art and science. Few have mastered this alone, yet all can learn to do so with a little dedication and a willingness to suspend conventions for a brief period of time. The results are gains so profoundly enjoyable that we prefer cultivating them with natural ease.


    It's later than you think – you're not getting any younger – so don't delay and start now to get more vitality in your life. Begin with any level of nudge you'd like from us today!

  • The value of our guidance is safety of your experiences, acceleration of your tremendous gains and evolved expertise you need to continue on and build upon early progress without us. Start progressively to:





    Train Completely

    Ignite Enduring Equanimity

  • Eat simply to be well.

    Rest deeply to be vital.

    Train completely to be wise.

    ... and enduring equanimity becomes inescapable.

    What does eat simply mean in practice?

    When we eat, we contend with the following daily priorities: convenience, cost and flavor. These attributes are more about being simplistic in our eating, not eating simply. Eating simply means eating foods that deliver three optimum factors to your body every meal: 1) digestive ease, 2) sufficient energy and 3) essential nutrition.


    These three factors are each consequential to 1) how hard our body must work and whether or not there are negative consequences and byproducts from that work; 2) how much immediate and future stored value we get from our food eaten and 3) whether or not our meal delivers enough essential ingredients for the body's continuous maintenance and growth, or depletes the body by forcing it to drawdown stored energy and nutrients from reserves and essential structures.


    And of course you can include convenience and flavor, after you've figured out 1, 2 and 3 to optimum balance with the least amount of cost to the body and checking account.

    How can anyone rest deeply in the midst of a demanding life?


    How does one train completely?


    What is enduring equanimity and how do I know when I've got it?


  • Getting Started

  • Gain professional expertise on correct daily practices.

    Learn long-forgotten, powerful principles.

    Cultivate your own inner guru now.

    Our guidance can be modified to whatever optimal threshold you desire – whether just getting a little more pure, much purer or the purest vitality possible for you – all wellness progress is a choice you can make and achieve, especially with a little help from your friends...



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