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    Is there a better way to regain vibrant health and enduring wellness than through the purest vitality of one's own body?




    Self Health is our body renewing itself – continuously removing chronic aches and pains, restoring joint health, healing undiagnosable ailments and gaining the transformative wellness that leads to enduring equanimity. We can't buy Self Health in a shop, yet many of us depend upon others to cure our ills. Unfortunately even the best professionals can only treat our symptoms while hoping our bodies will succeed, but the worst professionals can do us damage and irreparable harm without even intending to do so. Their skills were just not right for us.


    Since Hippocrates' time the wisest among us knew our bodies possessed far greater knowledge, intelligence and natural design to renew all aspects of health and wellbeing – far better than all others trying to figure out what's wrong, or what is needed to go right.



    Human bodies have not changed for thousands of years, but our environments have and dramatically so. We need to relearn how best to support our natural, ongoing renewal to achieve enduring health and wellness. All power of Self Health comes from within, by cultivating our own unique purest vitality in response to our environment.


    Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.

    – Hippocrates


    Fortunately anyone can engage their own purest vitality immediately, regardless where there are today – in sickness and in health. There is no need for expensive (or continuous) reliance on the usual suspects: no gurus, no pills, no powders, no supplements, no nutraceuticals, no prophylactics, no surgeries, no quack product hacks and absolutely no bull$h!t.


    You don't even need us after getting started, unless you want to roll that way...

  • Purest Vitality brings you practical applications of value from time-tested, ancient wisdom traditions proven by modern science, such as Hippocrates cogently cited:


    • Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food...
    • Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease... and
    • If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.


    The value of purest vitality expertise and guidance is safety in your discovery experiences, acceleration of tremendously better joint health, daily energy, and regaining your youthful vitality and looks greater than you ever imagined possible (especially for those of us over 35).


    Start and continue your Self Health journey anytime without us – we stand behind all our materials and personal consultations in bringing you tools and practices to achieve dramatic results with a full money-back guarantee.


    Begin exploring the four fundamentals that will ignite your own purest vitality and establish an evolving foundation of ongoing self health for lifelong rejuvenation...





    Train Completely

    Ignite Enduring Equanimity

  • Getting Started

    Here are tools, insights and blueprints for immediate and continuing progress on your own path...

  • Rest deeply to be well.

    Eat simply to be vital.

    Train completely to be wise.

    ... and enduring equanimity becomes inescapable.

    How can anyone rest deeply in the midst of a demanding life?

    Nightly quality sleep is the most essential type of rest – it is more important than diet and exercise. Learning to rest deeply begins with going to bed earlier in the evening. Clock time matters and is of greater consequence than simply expanding any duration of sleep to longer than minimum requirements. The art of resting deeply is unbroken sleep to attain such depths, and doing so consistently night after night is what delivers ever greater beneficial effects.


    The ongoing lack of high quality, deep rest is one of the most highly corrosive habits anyone can fall prey to in a demanding life. Deficiencies in quality sleep is a highly correlative predictor of telomere shortening in humans – being the premature decline of longevity and rapid aging.


    Until and unless one achieves mastery of the esoteric arts and can rest in action we all have to get our rejuvenation the old fashioned way – through high quality, deep sleep. Rest deeply and enjoy better quality of life and longevity with compounded wellness gains over time, or accelerate declines in health and wellness when you don't.

    What does eat simply mean in practice?

    When we eat, we contend daily with the following food priorities: convenience, cost and flavor. These food attributes are more about being simplistic in our eating, not eating simply. Eating simply means eating foods that deliver three optimum factors to our bodies every meal:

    1. digestive ease
    2. sufficient energy, and 
    3. essential nutrition.

    These three factors are each highly consequential, as they determine:

    • how hard our body must work to digest foods (thermic effects)
    • whether or not there are negative consequences and byproducts from that work
    • how much immediate and future stored value we get from our food eaten and 
    • whether or not our meal delivers enough essential ingredients for the body's continuous growth, maintenance and renewal, or depletes the body by forcing it to drawdown stored energy and nutrients from reserves and essential structures.

    What isn't surprising is how much our natural instincts for food convenience, cost and flavor create negative long-term consequences. Our eat simply challenge is to figure out an optimum balance of digestive ease, energy and nutrition with the least burden to our bodies and checking accounts.

    How does one train completely?

    Deliberate practice is itself an art: it doesn't matter what you choose to do, but it matters most that you do it with deliberate, methodical and focused awareness.


    Training completely means achieving greater body/mind awareness and control. All learning is in the doing by the direct physical, biologic feeling one gets and strengthens through expanded awareness while practicing – mental insights about practice are merely rhetorical narratives and maps, but not co-creation of the territory. We can't think ourselves forward into the physical transformations necessary to achieve enduring equanimity. It is our body that leads this renewal into our purest potentials by feeling ever better all the time.


    The physical is our territory of experiential feedback where all good deliberate practices evolve. Until we shed our bodies, all improvements are earned progressively, day by day, through intentionally evolving physical experience. And progressive, dramatic transformation always arises from unbroken consistency in physical practice whenever one trains completely.

    What is enduring equanimity and how do I know when I've got it?

    Ever have a minor physical complaint, like a paper cut or hangnail, or major illness and disease? Every physical discomfort is irritating in its own magnitude. Enduring equanimity is the absence of all such irritations along the entire continuum of physical feeling states and ambient experiences. Equanimity means one simply feels unencumbered without any complaints wherever one is – at any time.


    The absence of irritation is only the beginning of an even greater sense of emerging positive energy, vitality, resiliency, clarity and physical comfort in one's own skin. Imagine unending vitality at all levels of performance and exertion and you have enduring equanimity in practice. Nice. Oh so very, very nice.


    Experience such equanimity once and you'll never go back to living with anything less – enduring it will become.



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