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    (Our Values, Vision & Beliefs)

    We Highly Value All Who...

    • Ask – we only share from our direct experience – ask us and learn what's proven to get objectively measurable, verifiable and repeatably successful results;
    • Act – stop talking and start doing right now. Anyone can take 1% of our theory shared here for free and drive 99% of their own successful results. We never require your agreement with any of our divergent opinions & beliefs – especially when it's irrelevant or obstructive to your acting now and getting immediate physical progress;
    • Advance – dramatic improvement of body, mind & spirit always follows deliberate and continuous right practice – everything improves together.  Everything...

    Our Vision...

    • for our Purest Vitality principles and practices to increase the playing pleasure, daily wellbeing and pain-free longevity of all 30 yr-or-older veteran athletes who desire to continue their competitive pursuits; and,
    • for all veteran athletes to rapidly resolve their own chronic pains, acute injuries & bodily insults endured over a competitive career and to use our proven Self Health methods to cultivate their most enjoyable enduring lifestyle possible.

    Our Beliefs...

    • Dramatic, Rapid Improvements: our Purest Vitality methods dramatically improve all over-30-year-old's ongoing athletic performance & general physical wellbeing by measurable results and direct evidence all can verify;
    • Personal Responsibility: to walk a path of Self Health means accepting responsibility for lifelong wellbeing and mastering personal choices along the way;
    • Free and Open to All: anyone can learn our Purest Vitality methods and practices for free and start immediately improving their performance for greater enjoyment of ongoing competitive athletics and daily wellbeing;
    • Good Discipline is merely remembering what you really want in a lifestyle without complaints;
    • Purest Vitality is fully realized Self Health sovereignty over one's own body.  To give away physical authority, power and control of your own body's healing abilities is always ignorant folly, perilous practice and personal slavery enlisted for others' profit!

    About Rob Hanna:



    • 53 years of amateur and semi-pro seasonal association football (soccer) league competitive play, and still going strong;
    • Chief Wellness Officer, 20+ years Professional Fasting Guide & Fasting Practitioner / Purest Vitality;
    • Premiere & Division 1 open mens league soccer player / Austin Mens Soccer Association;
    • Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor;
    • Liuhebafachuan Teacher, Hidden Immortals School;
    • CEO & Co-founder / Veritas Impact Partners.


    Past Experience

    • Chief Wellness Practitioner, Victory Medical / Longevity Club
    • Restaurant Owner & Executive Chef / speciality training in raw foods;
    • two seasons competitive rugby football play (Washington PRU & OMBAC);
    • COO and Co-founder / One Stop Wellness.

    Rob's answers to FAQs:


    Q. What have you used Purest Vitality methods to recover from personally (and/or guide others to recover from) and return to playing competitively again?


    A. Purest Vitality practices have helped me (and other athletes) rapidly recover from a broad variety of career limiting/ending chronic insults and acute injuries, including but not limited to:


    herniated cervical and lumbar discs, broken ankles, torn ligaments (ankles, knees), completely severed muscles (quadricep), cerebral concussions, supra-ventricular tachycardia and heart arrhythmia – all without invasive surgeries, pharmacological medications or continuing therapies.


    More importantly (and without much effort) these practices have enabled me to endurably punch well above my weight, i.e. I'm 58 and still play competitively in city league soccer with and against 20 and 30 yr old players – and I don't even workout.


    Q. Why should I follow Purest Vitality principles and practices?


    A. Several reasons: you can get the wisdom practices for free and immediately try them out without doing harm; you can test for improvements in your own wellbeing and see how it affects performance abilities on the playing field. And you can avoid the pain of expensive medical costs for treating chronic symptoms and/or resigning yourself to hanging up your boots for good...


    Q. Why should I pay for Rob's personal guidance if the principles and ancient wisdom practices work and are free?


    A. You shouldn't. You should apply yourself to fully researching and trying the Self Health wisdom practices shared here in depth for yourself first. If you are in the top 2%, you will succeed to a remarkable degree on your own; if you're in the top 30% you will gain measurable improvements, but you won't fully realize or stick with these practices over time and will miss out on building an enduring foundation for lifelong wellness. The remaining 68% don't have the time or temperament to animate these ancient practices on their own.


    Regardless where you land, if you sincerely want to dial-in rapid progress to recover faster, play harder, play more frequently and live more pleasurably over time AND avoid making common mistakes along the way to establishing an enduring wellness foundation, then it's worth the effort to ring me up and get an initial consult helpful to starting off on these powerful transformations.


    We can also discuss a Money-back Guarantee for any level of timely progress and promised results you wish to commit to achieving.


    Q. What do I do next?


    A. Fill out the form on this page and tell me what you've lost and want to regain in your daily wellbeing and athletic performance... you'll get a free consult.



    Contact Rob

    Request your free Self Health consultation.

    To improve our first conversation results, we will focus on the following:


    1. confirm what specific physical priority issues you want to improve in your daily wellbeing and competitive playing abilities;
    2. clarify your lifestyle priorities and scope of willingness to make changes needed to rapidly improve any above physical issues;
    3. align what you can do immediately to bring you inevitable success – without me.
    You will get more value out of our free time together by reviewing the principles, practices and insights arranged on this site. You can then form better questions and relate concerns about your wellness ambitions.
    Our call will be even better if you test out our principles first in your current circumstances: we all face unique challenges which require tailored options to increase our probabilities for rapid success.
    Should you wish to continue, we price our services to be of far greater value to you than you end up agreeing to pay us, but you will still have to have a meaningful level of financial skin the game in order to play. Please also review our Money-back Guarantee for our skin in the game.
    Remember – time is your most valuable resource, so get going!

    The Rob Hanna story of Purest Vitality...


    It might be intriguing I'm still competing at 58 years of age in my city's amateur mens soccer league.


    I know it's vanity to feel good about being in the open mens' Premiere Division (with no age restricted players) and playing with and against 20 something year old team mates and opposing players.


    It definitely felt like bragging rights up until two year ago, before I completely severed one of my right quadricep muscles during a match, because at that time I was a starting player on my Premiere Division team and the oldest player in the entire six divisions of our city's open mens league. Now I no longer start, but I still get minutes.


    The part that makes me feel truly remarkable is how I can do this and never train, or need to get in shape, in order to walk on at these competitive levels – I just get on the field without a warm up and play. Unreal!


    This vital energy capacity and resiliency is unlike anything I ever experienced at any point in my 53+ years of playing competitive soccer – I've always had to train hard to compete, to get "in shape" to play. Remember two-a-days? Did those back when I played with a national championship collegiate team.


    Not anymore. Nothing. And I'm even working off a few years being sleep deprived, due to my 3 year old son and now six year old daughter.


    I wish this was due to some freak genetic gift I'd received from the gods, but it isn't.


    I've suffered greatly for years and have felt far worse along the way when I was younger than I do today.


    The endured myriad injuries and bodily insults that have lingered on and felt like they never fully healed during my past seasons include:

    • severely herniated cervical discs
    • broken ankle
    • completely torn ligaments
    • ruptured kidney
    • cracked sternum
    • supra ventricular tachycardia
    • arrhythmia
    • hospitalized concussions – loss of sense of smell and diplopia (double vision)
    • completely severed quadricep muscle
    • chronic muscle tightness, cramping
    • and plenty of minor nagging blah blah blah recurring ailments.

    And now, after I cultivated my own purest vitality, all these above chronic conditions are gone from my daily awareness and performance.


    I honestly shouldn't still be playing competitive soccer, let alone avidly tackling 20 year olds as if none of the above ever happened...


    But I am.


    And I completely attribute my new found capacity to reload, recover and renew my body so these above damages and all new ones are made irrelevant and rapidly resolved to my 20+ years discovery and practice of the Self Health principles I'm freely sharing with you here.


    Yes: eat simply, rest completely and train deeply are all you need to achieve your own Purest Vitality as I and others already have. Here's my simple recipe of what I did to get started:

    1. fasted for 10 days on water alone and eliminated excruciating herniated disc pain; and then,
    2. ate 100% omnivore raw, whole foods and surprisingly got greater stamina and energy while continuing the therapeutic effects of my 10 day fast; and then,
    3. cultivated a deliberate foundation practice with only one hour a day for 100 days and found it enduringly improved everything...

    Any single one of these practices in action alone will dramatically improve your life.


    Combining all three practices together will rapidly transport you into a new realm of your own enduring purest vitality.


    If you still have legs, you too can walk back onto any playing field and compete close to your peak potential at almost any age, if you want to do it.


    My motivation for creating this Purest Vitality website for players over 30 is precisely because maturity, discipline and painful realization of being on the far side of personal best performances are the minimum motivation and skills necessary for success. Necessary if you want success to be fully realizing and regaining your own heart's intent and untapped abilities to play on and on and on...


    I founded Purest Vitality in 2001. It is a boutique wellness practice for those disenchanted with expensive medical professionals and toxic medicines focused on suppressing symptoms and not curing or correcting the underlying damage, dysfunctional causes and chronic conditions.


    Our human body wants to heal, wants to be vital and wants to be fully alive at all times. Our bodies are also incredibly complex and multidimensional ecosystems of near completely unknown multivariate potentials all capable of rapid healing and self renewal to any state of optimum genetic potential... if only we idiots would get out of its way and stop burdening it with synthetic foods, crap drugs and shit-for-brains lifestyle choices that produce ongoing complaints and regrets.


    Three simple principles help you get out of the way of your body's innate Self Health discipline and on the path to automatically cultivating and restoring its own innate purest vitality. And trust me, I would never be doing any of this Self Health purest vitality stuff if it was hard work and not effortlessly pleasurable to maintain. But just like St. Barts, you have to get there first...


    You will find your own path of inevitable success. I can help you reveal and enter it at any time: just start to eat simply, rest completely and train deeply and you will rapidly see for yourself...


    I did.

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