• Self Health


    Do or do not, there is no try.



    Diet is Destiny: there's no such thing as miracles, there's just better choices leading to better results feeling like miracles.

    ~Rob Hanna

  • Ancient Principles


    Thousands of years ago martial artists learned and trained in physical foundation strengthening.


    Elite practitioners perfected strengthening the natural abilities of the body by simple, daily methods. They also cultivated equanimity (i.e. complete removal of all chronic aches and pains), rapid injury recovery and ongoing, mind/body rejuvenation to sustain themselves throughout chronically stressful periods and conflicts.


    These cultivation methods proved highly effective, enabling warriors greater longevity in highly-skilled, mortal combat careers. Throughout millenia these practices evolved into enduring wellness foundation traditions. In the 1980s Purest Vitality refined these elite wellness-building methods and tailored them to non-marital applications, calling them "Self Health".


    Purest Vitality's wellness-building combines ancient principles into accessible modern-day practices and deceptively simple options any individual can use to achieve lifelong progress.


    You choose your own path – we show you how to walk it with enduring equanimity and pain-free grace.

    Modern Practices


    We've practiced, trained deeply and taught ancient disciplines. We've also refined proven wisdom into three essential principles any modern athlete can adopt as a daily practice amidst the demands of work, home, family, sport, lifestyle preferences and circumstantial realities:

    1. Eat Simply – nutrient dense foods our bodies naturally recognize, efficiently digest and continuously require to sustain a foundation of ongoing well-being and metabolic rejuvenation;
    2. Rest Completely – stop eating and achieve total physiological rest, in alignment with your own ongoing performance demands;
    3. Train Deeply – transform out of inflammation, chronic aches and pains, and enjoy elite athletic performance at any age.

    Our Self Health principles and insights enable you to make these practices your own. Set yourself impossible challenges given your current lifestyle choices, or relax into a gentler, slower paced approach. It's up to you.


    At any speed these deceptively simple practices are incredibly powerful and enduring - even when applied on the margins of the most busiest schedule.


    When we guide you to choose a principle matched to your energetic potentials and then practice it for 100 days you master a recognizable part of yourself and gain an enduring vitality foundation sustainable for life.


    You don't have to dive right in for 100 days – we will show you how to explore these principles in smaller bites for incremental gains – enjoy our Week #1 and Week #2 Challenges below for free.

  • Eat Simply


    Five weeks of progressive, self-guided eating upgrades

    for your vitality

    Week #4


    Acquire, store and prep foods correctly


    Week #5


    Eat omnivore raw


  • Accuracy vs Precision

    You do not have to buy metabolic panels to make metabolic gains – the measures of your purest vitality progress and successes will become very apparent in your own mind, body and soul.


    However, we recognize many people today have found their way to us because of being measured to have failing metabolic markers, in addition to their own felt physical, emotional and spiritual malaise.


    For those who wish to measure metabolic progress with us, please complete your own Wellness Labs before starting our challenges:



    1. Order and complete your metabolic panels to include Omega 3, 6 markers
    2. Read the Eat Simply High Omega 3 Ratio Foods list
    3. Depending upon your lab results, bias towards rebalancing your Omega 3:6 ratios from 1:1 to 1:4 by upgrading your diet with whole foods on the list;
    4. Send us your baseline and ongoing improved lab results – we'll unlock remaining challenges for your continued progress, greater pleasure and faster results along the way;
    5. Be intentional about creating ease – your pacing and stress-free environment choices can rapidly advance, or delay your Self Health progress.

    Get Going!

    Your success is directly dependent upon finding the best Goldilocks approach for your Eat Simply circumstances.


    After initial challenges and baseline discovery you can refine your dietary practices to rapidly advance in the final three challenges:


    #3. Accelerate progress in community

    #4. Acquire, store and prep and foods correctly

    #5. Eat omnivore raw


    Schedule a call to get more details.


    Why Eat Simply Challenges?

    Many of us are believe the way back to youthful, physical fitness is to workout harder and/or more often:

    • hit the gym, lift heavy, 
    • repeat sprints on the track,
    • jam some HIIT, 
    • cross train, or 
    • go all the way back and get after it by doing two-a-days (remember those!)

    There are deep problems with this logic for those of us no longer in our teens and 20s:

    • we lack the levels of growth hormones to translate chronic stress into systemic anabolic response;
    • our bodies are not ready to train hard – they're not just grizzled, they're pickled and "age inflamed";
    • our digestion has "slowed" and we've lost a half-step (or two) due to imbalanced metabolic hormones and our now degraded energy system

    These symptoms are not "aging" or any lack of physical intensity and applied efforts in training – it is the direct consequence of metabolic decline.


    Our global industrial food supplies have bankrupted soils, sped maturation rates and perverted all efforts towards "eating clean" as superficial brand marketing – there is no healthy diet simply by rebalancing macros.


    Commercial foods are corrupted by antibiotics, environmental toxins, overly pervasive Omega 6 essential fatty acids and a near complete absence of enough nutrient density to satiate our hunger so we don't overeat. The obesity and diabetes epidemics ravaging the world are a real consequence of industrial food, processed foodstuffs and the excitoxins designed into them, not the lack an individual's willpower or dietary discipline.


    Eat Simply Challenges bring you back to a clearer vision and developed food intuition, with applicable insights on sourcing the highest grade quality foods available (where you live). There are many powerful body wellness rejuvenation and fitness upgrades that can be made:

    • restore our historic Omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acid dietary AND tissue balance;
    • achieve nutrient dense meals and norm the body on wholesome satiety;
    • enable efficient (low work) digestion and increased microflora gut health;
    • reduce dietary toxins and broken chemical bonds (found in all processed and lesser-quality industrial whole foods);
    • gain natural and unmolested proteins for cell structure renewal and energy balance;
    • sustain lean, energized physiology for active play and recovery – and even enduring well-being in sedentary work and lifestyles.

    Achieving durable wellness gains by improved diet alone depends upon persistent eating of higher quality foods over a significant period time. If you haven't already started, go and do Challenge #1 right now – giddyup!

  • The many who will miss out

    Guaranteed natural rejuvenation, enduring wellness and full recovery from injuries and chronic pains awaits you here. Be one of the few who don't miss out.


    Can you envision a way forward, one that fits within your current lifestyle?


    There are options. Our proven professional guidance will help you rapidly accelerate rejuvenation and feel the progress so you will not give up on your own desired success.


    Don't let obstacles and excuses leave you languishing with the many who will miss out.


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