• Aging athletes are angry. We face recurring injuries, chronic decline and all obstacles against our recovery on our own.

    Our only options are paying great expense for therapies, playing in pain, or both.


    The better way forward is the proven path of Self Health.

    Anyone can take it right now:

    Rejuvenate your body.

    End pain.

    Play again.


    Will you?

  • “Health is work, work is patience, patience is suffering, suffering is cleansing, and cleansing is health!” Filonov, Sergey. 20 Questions & Answers About Dry Fasting: A Complete Guide To Dry Fasting (p. 258). Siberika.it. Kindle Edition.

    Purest Vitality is complete metabolic and physical alignment of our body's innate anti-aging, rapid healing and rejuvenating life forces.


    Self Health is how to achieve your purest vitality. It's the ongoing practice of cultivating deceptively simple, incremental wellness upgrades without gimmicks, ongoing product costs, or expensive lifestyle changes – think compounding, daily interest in your body's wellbeing and ongoing vitality. Best of all, it feels good!

    Active Soccer Players over 30

    If you're still actively playing competitive or recreational soccer/association football, then you're motivated to improve on field performance, rapidly regain peak fitness levels and stay injury free throughout the coming seasons.


    Click for your free self-assessment below.

    Retired Athletes over 30

    If you're a retired professional or amateur athlete of any competitive sport, then you're motivated to stop suffering from chronic aches and pains, damaged joints and sore muscles – you want enduring wellness in all future activities.


    Click for your free self-assessment below.

    Open Letter

    upon New Years 2020 and the dawning of a new decade


    Hello Good People,


    I'm an aging soccer athlete. This is my 54th annual season of competitive soccer league play, and I'm still a highly competitive player in Austin Texas.


    Purest Vitality is my own powerful Self Health approach, long proven to keep me (and others) vitally thriving and playing competitively without drugs, supplements or hormone replacement therapies. And I compete with and against people half my age and younger. But that's how I roll at 59 years of age.


    You might simply want to feel better at any age. And that's fine – cultivate your own Purest Vitality and you will get there in less than a month.


    My universal principles and practices were developed over decades, and proven clinically and professionally when I served as Chief Practitioner at a private family medical practice.


    What you can gain from Purest Vitality are immediately accessible, simple lifelong practices valuable to all aging and retired athletes, as well as amateur wellness seekers who desire to regain more vitality than they've been losing in their declining years.


    I strive to be helpful to all sincerely seeking rapid rejuvenation, playing harder longer, and living pain-free lives.


    It's been a rough Fall season for soccer players and skiers, as this winter holiday I've found myself working with a greater number of individuals having knee surgery – both prior to surgery in preparation, and post operative in rapid recovery from it.


    If you seek anything here to be helpful to your specific situation, or are curious about non-invasive options to restore your own condition, please drop me a note – I'm always ready to be helpful. I also enjoy learning from people. and greatly appreciate when you share what has worked for you.


    May all of you find lasting cheer in your sport of choice – my best wishes for great success on the path of your own purest vitality. May whatever you do bring you to the end of this decade healthier and more vital than you began it:


    Go forth, baby, go – and keep playing!


    Ad mundum meliorem,

    Rob Hanna

    Chief Practitioner & Founder / Purest Vitality

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