• Purest Vitality

    The only skills you'll ever need to end chronic pain, rapidly recover from injuries and keep fit as you age.

  • Purest Vitality is your own enduring and Optimal Self Health* tailored for desired lifestyles.


    Our expertise is giving you deliberate practices (no pills, supplements, or invasive procedures) so you can perform and feel 10 or even 20 years younger.


    Cultivate your own purest vitality and you'll overcome all foregone conclusions about career ending injuries or surgeries. It's time to go out and play.


    *We only guide competitive athletes over 30 years of age to optimal Self Health.

    Football (Soccer) Athletes

    If you're still actively playing competitively and over 30 years of age, then you're motivated to sustain on field performance for as long as you can. You're also likely to no longer rapidly heal, regain and/or sustain the peak fitness levels you enjoyed in your youth. At the very least, you are unlikely to be injury free throughout each playing season.


    We can fix that. Explore your free self-assessment below.

    Competitive Modern Elders

    Competitive modern elders want to dial back the years of physical decline and remove the rust. They also suffer chronic aches and pains, inflamed joints and stiff muscles from accumulated damage. Greater enjoyment in all current and future activities is by reversing physical decline, not accepting it as fait accompli.


    Click for your free self-assessment below.

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