• Ancient Principles into Self Health Practice

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    1. Eat Simply

    This first ancient foundation principle to practice is your most important.


    Look around – how many people do you see eating crap? Right, and they don't care, and they're not going to change. Fine.


    Do you also see plenty more folks eating freaky-deaky weird diets. Sure you do, and they won't shut-up about their virtues. Been there, done that.


    And are either of these types thriving on the playing field after 30, 40, 50 years of age?


    No, no freakin' way... they might still look good, but they're a shadow of their previous, more formidably competitive self:

    • Our modern foods are full of fake processed crap, shelf-stable chemicals, pesticides and all those don't-give-a-shit eaters won't go the distance; and,
    • Carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians are also susceptible to all kinds of crazy exclusion diets, lost in food disciplines wrongly focused on calorie balance and devoid of nutrients necessary for disease prevention, let alone thriving on a competitive playing field against folks half your age.

    Did you want to join these above folks and limp along a full several zip codes away from your personal best?


    OR, would you prefer to get better immediately and enjoy yourself dialing back the years until you're playing pain-free back out on the pitch again?


    Don't take my word for it, do some homework you lazy bastard (this endearing term is addressed only to my fellow old guy soccer players).


    You'll eventually realize food determines much more than your energy level and ever expanding waistline. It also jiggers your:

    • metabolic rate
    • effective fitness under load
    • fat storage and mobilization
    • chronic and acute inflammation
    • immune system function or failure
    • cellular renewal (autophagy) and longevity
    • speed of healing and thoroughness of renewal
    • periodicity of tissue reconstruction and growth (biosynthesis)
    • epigenetic fitness to current landscapes we live in to wellbeing or dysfunction.

    And guess what happens to any complex organic system if you jigger it too much... spilt milk, baby: "Sub, sub! I need a sub!"


    I eat simply to live fully and play competitive league soccer at 58 years of age against punks half my age, AND do it while I've got a 3 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter. Yes, I'm sleep deprived.


    And it's in this crucible where I've learned how TREMENDOUSLY important high-quality foods are, they determine:

    • gut microbiome health
    • rapid healing and rejuvenation
    • improved hormone production
    • disease immunity and enduring wellbeing
    • molecular building blocks, strong joints and durable ligaments

    My cheat sheet is not hard to learn, so listen up and you'll get all the details for free:

    1. ​​​feast only on whole, nutrient dense and naturally edible foods; 
    2. avoid all processed food and chemically manufactured foodstuffs (if our great, great grandparents simply ate it, then we can simply eat it too); and,
    3. feast within – don't eat from the plate for sufficient lengths of time – and invite the body to eat up stored inventory (body fat) and effortlessly purge itself of accumulated wastes and damaged cells.  

    In case you didn't realize it: you are always eating, all the time, every day – either off your plates or off your body. Yes, yes, yes – you eat yourself – humans are designed that way, ding dong.


    And the human body has evolved to work far more efficiently by feasting off body stores of fats, vitamins and minerals within, and not off our plates.


    Unfortunately, since we don't eat high-grade quality foods off our plates, we don't have enough high-grade quality food elements stored on our bodies!


    You can evolve your food choices as fast as you can; allow me to repeat and refine:

    • High grade quality food on your plate means unmolested, whole, nutrient dense, naturally edible foods in season; and,
    • High grade quality food on your body means correctly balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 essential fatty acids pooled throughout your tissues and blood.

    Oops, what's already stored in your blood, bone and tissues is going to take some time to flush out. You're going to have to work to reclaim whatever level of youthful rejuvenation you desire. But you can, fast or slow...


    Regardless how fast you go, start now with the highest-grade quality food for your plate, because:

    Daily food is destiny!


    Want a better destiny – eat simply.


    Some free pro tips and structured guidance for you is here, so start now at any speed...


    Your body and mind will thank you!

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    2. Rest Completely

    This next ancient wisdom foundation requires your attention and focus on something we all do every night when we sleep:




    I've found all the following and more to be wonderfully true (after I eat simply) for body and mind and then fast (rest completely):

    • reduced inflammation;
    • fully engaged cellular renewal; 
    • activated and completely perfect nutrition;
    • strengthened metabolic system and microbiome;
    • deepened and broadened immune system function;
    • reestablished natural physiological cycles & circadian rhythms.

    My evidence of these benefits includes lab tests as well as objective observation of improvements in all categories, like never getting seasonal colds, or catching contagious illnesses from my family members.


    Even if you get the high quality Eat Simply foundation down, you must still activate quality digestion by cellular renewal wherever and whenever the body needs it. If not, then your higher quality diet won't produce dramatic benefits – and these dramatic improvements only arise if you learn to fast correctly and rest completely.


    You can read the ancients and discover their practices. You can find a martial arts teacher willing to share elite warrior recuperative practices for high-performing body and mind. Or you can do this for free if you know how to fast and break fasts:

    1. Daily – get wholesome sleep to induce physiological rest in alignment with the natural rhythms of daily sunlight and darkness; and,
    2. Periodically – fast 72 hours weekly or at least monthly to reclaim longer cycles of deep, ongoing systemic renewal of microbiome, immunity and metabolic functions; and,
    3. Seasonally – convalesce in therapeutic fasting for 10 days and gain rapid, complete and comprehensive physiological recovery from chronic injuries by cellular rejuvenation.
    Fasting strengthens our metabolism the way free weights used intensively strengthens our bones, muscles and minds.


    Fasting also accelerates clearing of accumulated toxins, repair of damaged cells and even reclamation of naturally occurring daily/circadian metabolic rhythms for complete rest and deep alignment.


    Unfortunately we don't have any warrior culture fasting rituals and masters to learn from today. I guess were also fortunate to not have to be elite warriors...

    However, these three rest completely cycles can help any over 30 yr old athlete get back on the playing fields and shred competitors to their heart's content.
    Ancient recuperative practices are simple, but they are not easy to do well. Learning to fast safely and easily for intentional results is an art, and then there's the not art part.
    If fasting is not for you, no worries. Sleep more.
    If you want to go faster, contact me and learn proven methods from 20+ years of professional fasting expertise in guiding others.
    I'm happy to take your money and guide you through your own Rest Completely path, safely and with money back confidence on getting desired results.
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    3. Train Deeply

    This final principle is the most powerful ancient wisdom foundation, by orders of magnitude.

    • Do a little thing each day, do it again every day.

    That's it. I've discovered this by direct practice. I've also learned:

    • intentional exploration of internal ignorance removes mental obstructions, 
    • physical damage is layered and requires activating untapped physical potentials;
    • enduring, positive results arise by unbroken, methodical progress of a focused daily practice;
    • consistent method sounds boring, but it's the stable, recurring canvas for expanding greater body awareness and integrating intuitive abilities to heal and get stronger – what once took effort is now effortless.

    The body rapidly learns and then yearns to be trained deeply. Continuous daily effort builds momentum – you just have to get your mind out of the way.


    And only one hour a day is plenty enough to cultivate a solid, lasting foundation. This is all you need to know, the rest you can discover.


    Now go and do.




    Still here?


    Please know I want you to be a self-starter for free. If you keep reading I'm either going to take your money, or send you packing.


    I hope you're not here like some of my friends: inconsistent, distracted seeker types – the occasional wellness tourist.


    I've friends who chase wellness like a frustrated striker coming back to play D just so they can get the ball. On Wall Street and at Burning Man I also met folks with addictions to peak experiences – it's not just soccer players.


    Being a wellness tourist is still a risky proposition.


    Some tourists can get infected by the pandemic disease of "fuckarounditis" – it evolves into a mental disability where one constantly seeks the next new new thing instead of sticking to the current known thing and getting better.


    It's all good: the human body will eventually recover.


    Of course it won't recover fully and then only very slowly. So you'll be absent from the playing field for extended periods of time. Meh, we're getting older, right?


    It's still better to have fuckarounditis than be a body "hacker". Hackers will do anything new at the most challenging threshold they can stand and then grind it out – well before their body is ready.


    And then they crash.

    Please don't grind. I don't grind. Sometimes I crash for other reasons, but I never grind. Neither should you. It is completely unnecessary and damaging.


    Eat Simply and Rest Completely can be done fast or slow, whichever way best fits your temperament and circumstances. Either speed can be made surprisingly fun and enjoyable without grinding if you design them that way.


    These solid foundations of body/mind alignment make rapid, enduring wellness progress and injury recovery possible, including:

    • broken bones, ruptured discs and torn ligaments;
    • strengthening and realigning joints;
    • reducing chronic inflammation;
    • reclaiming circadian metabolic rhythms;
    • regaining levels of energy, revealing untapped potentials – there is always another step to take...

    Training deeply is my final, integrative catalyst to activate the most powerful, autonomic wellness potentials in our bodies – and then everything improves together!


    And yet for many this path is better to have never begun.


    Dramatic and significant changes might be uncomfortable, and they will come – do not engage this ancient wisdom lightly!


    If you can commit to a deliberate, methodical and focused practice of eat simply and rest completely wisdom foundations, then reach out to me.


    We can explore your potentials to train deeply for rapid and significant improvements yet to come.


    Then I'll take your money...